Alan Osmond and John Bishop have worked together on various projects for the past 30 Years. Their experiences, both individually and collectively have taken them to every continent. From command performances for the Queen of England to shows with Bob Hope, 5 World Fairs, The Kennedy Center and Inauguration Ceremonies for Ronald Reagan, they have not forgotten those who are in need.

The Osmond Family began the Osmond Foundation, which became the platform for the Children's Miracle Network, which has, over the past 30 years, donated almost 7 billion to Children's Hospitals in the USA.

Starting with the introduction of the Children's Miracle Network into China John and Alan worked with the first Chinese Charity ever developed and with the help of the last family members of Royalty to have lived in the Forbidden Palace they helped create an insurance program with the Chinese government that would benefit Chinese children for generations and assist hospitals in China with the use of western medicine.

Over the years many other projects were undertaken both individually and jointly to benefit charity and provide entertainment.

Alan started One Heart 20 years ago and soon got john involved. Now they are reaching out beyond the USA borders to help those across the world. From World Fairs to Stadium Shows and performances at the Kennedy Center and the Olympics they have been privileged to meet many people who are also willing to give back. For over 30 years John Bishop has worked orphanages in Mexico and El Salvador, Spain and Africa.

Having made friends along the way, they decided to take those relationships with royalty, athletes and entertainers to help those who need it most and who are the most vulnerable – the orphans. Never before have the needs been greater. Never before have there been so many who seek asylum. The crisis has reached epidemic proportions and now they are busy helping the haves to reach out to the have-nots.