• Kindness Is the language
    Which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
    — Mark Twain
  • If you can't feed a hundred people,
    then feed just one.
    — Mother Teresa
  • If we are to have real peace,
    we must begin with the children

    Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission

In partnership with Royal Families, we raise funds and awareness for the needs of Orphans around the world.

How Can I Help?

We give love. We give hope and we help orphans dare to dream.

Working to bless the lives of orphans worldwide, we connect the haves with the have-nots, erase borders and boundaries and give kids the best chance at succeeding. In some cases we make all the difference.

It doesn't take much to change a life - yours included. Think deeply then let your heart melt into theirs. Now you're on your way to making a difference when you are of One Heart.

We don't just see to their needs. We heal them, educate them and take care of their heart.

We are family. We are One Heart.


Stand with Us


People currently standing with us:

The Duke and Duchess of Braganza Everett Piper Craig Clyde Tim Ballard Allan C. Carlson Dr. Paula Fellingham The Piano Guys Alex Boye Billy Dean Debbie Gibson Donny Osmond Governor Gary Herbert Kurt Bestor Larry King George Dyer Lisa Matassa The Cowsills Mark Gottfredson Rob MacGregor Lynn Samsel Senator Orrin Hatch SheDaisy Steve Young Susan Cowsill Taj Khyber Rowland Mary Lou Retton Dan Patrick David and Valerie Brenda Burch Robinson Elaine Bishop Cynthea Sandoval Matt Bishop Mont Bishop Andy Sandoval Suzanne Osmond Jimmy Osmond Justin Osmond Kelly Lybbert Doran Lybbert Louise Bishop Cameron Bishop Carly Bishop Corey Bishop Doug Osmond Michael Osmond Nathan Osmond Troy Osmond Alex Osmond Tyler Osmond Scott Osmond Jon Osmond Greg Behrmann Michelle Behrmann Doug Holyoak Charisse Holyoak Gary Hubbert Shari Hubbert Jake Hubbert Al van der Beek Brenda Burch April Miservy Jackie Carmichael The Honorable Ron Kunz Brandy Christensen Craig Clyde Leah Cosgrove Ron Crossman Steven Pehrson MD Ronda Crossman Luis de Lezama Prince Stefanos Ethiopia Graciela Zubiran Dean Martinez Greg Downs Debbie Downs Tom Martin Mark Eaton Nellis KopelKaren Bissell bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com bggfbx@hotmail.com Jan Mccrae dgkhtr@gkzyks.com dgkhtr@gkzyks.com Matthew Bishop crtypf@qvrhan.com crtypf@qvrhan.com aogmsc@vilsot.com aogmsc@vilsot.com Купить мебель в Украине sun-lenta2@rcnika.biz.ua SIGN tristysigns@gmail.com shamrykenkokatya@gmail.com the-best.pro tyt@the-best.pro 123movies redmdeoaidekj@i.ua ibbojw@liyygu.com ibbojw@liyygu.com tozpqk@afnyis.com tozpqk@afnyis.com jzxgmg@pthqet.com jzxgmg@pthqet.com nosqmn@ykuqxt.com nosqmn@ykuqxt.com xwgcor@ltvphl.com xwgcor@ltvphl.com fnrgkf@hrbhcs.com fnrgkf@hrbhcs.com olpuru@xsibby.com olpuru@xsibby.com xjerrn@bkccwi.com 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One Heart Awards

For many years, One Heart has proudly given awards to those who have been role models and demonstrated family values

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